Online World Cup Betting Offers And Promotions

With the 2014 football World Cup almost upon us, Britain’s largest and most reputable bookmakers are gearing up to provide the best betting coverage on the World Cup Games, with a wide range of markets available so you can choose from the nation you favour the most in Brazil this this year and get the best World Cup betting offers for 2014.

Those intrepid Brazilians are a solid favourite based on both their remarkable talent and the fact that they’re hosting, but the exceptional Lionel Messi and his Argentinian peers are giving many people pause for thought; just how important is that home soil advantage?

There’s been a fair bit made of this in the past, with the general consensus being that no European team has pulled through with a win on South American soil, but if you consider that a European outfit has advanced to the finals in every World Cup since 1950 despite tough traveling conditions, there are those who believe that advances in the travel industry may start to upset that traditional view based on a reduction of physical stress on the traveling teams.

Combining this thinking with the immense strength and talent of this year’s European competitors makes world cup betting on the home advantage seem like less of a sure thing.

Perhaps this year’s most highly anticipated and closely watched team is Belgium, generating a great deal of speculation this year with their highly prized lineup that’s been taking the Premier League by storm; with powerhouses like Courtois, Kompany, Fellaini and Hazard just to name a few, this team is one to have your eye on.

With Spain defending, none of these teams will be in for an easy time; Spain’s amazing lineup headed by Iker Casillas will be a tough outfit to contend with, and there’s no question that La Roja is dominating the football scene this season with veterans like Puyol and Torres on their side. When you choose to bet on the world cup it’s always a good idea to keep Spain in mind due to their recent performances in international competitions which simply cannot be matched in recent years.

Germany is another promising contender this year, with has been showing vast improvement and dedication over the past several years, while England stays quietly in the background, perhaps getting ready to pull an underdog and shock us all!

No matter what happens, the excitement of this year’s cup is catching, and it promises to be a good one; bookmakers everywhere have been setting up to let fans in on the betting excitement, from Stan James to William Hill, Ladbrokes and BetFred to name a few of the most lucrative and reputable places for World Cup betting online.

With a variety of betting offers available, from Tournament Winner to Highest Scoring Team, Finalists, Top La Liga Goal Scorer as well as Highest and Lowest Scoring team, there are a wide variety of categories available to bet on with all of the best online bookie services.

So no matter what your pleasure, get ready to get into the fray and online world cup betting done today; with all the thrill and excitement coming out of this year’s World Cup, there’s bound to be endless action, so get your money down on your favourites today and you’ll be sure to come out a winner! World Cup betting for 2014 is finally here, so don’t delay, get your bets on today and choose one of our World Cup betting offers to make sure that you get the maximum return for your money and get yourself the best possible odds going. Think big, bet big and win big!